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Easy and accurate texting keyboard that allows you to type messages on your Apple Watch.

Contains never before seen scrolling feature to make it as accurate as possible. Most other Apple Watch texting apps use a QWERTY keyboard, which is inaccurate since the keys are so small.

ScrollType's scrolling feature allows you access the entire alphabet, numbers and punctuations that are large, making texting easy and accurate.

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In an easy, simple to-do list app that allows you to edit, add, and view your tasks from your Apple Watch

Standalone Apple Watch app - you do not need your iPhone to edit, add, or view your tasks - which allows you to interact with app even if you are away from your phone

When editing and adding tasks, Easily type with the revolutionary ScrollType keyboard

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Allows you to customize buttons to send pre-written messages with a single tap on your Apple Watch.

In four easy steps, you can create a button with a pre-written message that sends to a selected person. This makes texting messages that you often use easy from your Apple Watch.

When editing and adding tasks, you can easily type with the revolutionary ScrollType keyboard.

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